Lego + Testors Model Cement = Bliss


You might read the title and think, “Gluing Lego?!? Sacrilege!”

Normally I’d have my pitchfork and torch, standing alongside you. But, hear me out.

My (recently turned) 4 year-old, Toby, loves everything his (8 year-old) brother does. This includes playing with Lego. For his birthday, Toby got a couple of Lego sets: a firetruck and a cement mixer.

The firetruck is solidly designed and has withstood all the abuse Toby has thrown at it. The cement truck, however, has some serious structural issues that cause parts to fall off all the time – parts that see a fair amount of action.

Example: Check out the chute where the “cement” pours out.


The gray part I’ve circled in red takes the load of the chute, but more importantly, it takes the load of any movement of the chute. Any significant downward force, and the whole chute comes off. Which is to say, roughly every 45 seconds Toby would run to me with the truck in one hand and the chute in the other crying, “Daddy, fix it!”

Typically, Lego does a good job of anticipating these types of scenarios and designs the kits to ensure they don’t happen. Again, the firetruck is an excellent example. In the case of the cement truck, they totally missed the boat.

After suffering though a couple of weeks of “Daddy, fix it!”, I surfed the net a bit to confirm what I suspected: The ABS Lego are made of can be “welded” by a solvent – like my handy Testors Liquid Model Cement.

I tested this out on a couple of 1×2 bricks, hoping that it might hold a bit better than using friction alone, thus buying me an hour or two of “fix it” free time. I was floored to find that the bond was super strong. So strong, in fact, that to separate the bricks would likely require breaking them.

My test fruitful, I shoved aside my Lego morality and (selectively) glued the problem parts together, yet all of the mobility and functionality of the kit is still intact!

True, these parts will forever be fused, but given the buckets of bricks lying around, I can live with that. I’ll have to atone for my sins later. I just hope the great Lego St. Peter in the sky will understand.


One thought on “Lego + Testors Model Cement = Bliss

  1. My toddler has enough car and train tracks to build a life size nascar raceway, The problem is keeping the tracks intact as he tried to move them from room to room. Super Glue! Keeps the parts together, avoids missing track pieces, and saves our feet.

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